KonaZona Coffee Farm & Tiki Village Rentals


Welcome to our Coffee Farm. It is on some of the oldest farmland in Hawaii. Our family is the direct descendants of Reverend  Samuel Ruggles, the Connecticut missionary who brought the first coffee plants to Kona in 1828. He gave the plants, as a thank you gift, to the Greenwell family, who were his hosts on the Island. The Greenwells were partners with the Gouveia family in the Two G's Dairy. It was one of the oldest cow dairies in Hawaii. We bought the farm in 2001 from Pauline Amarino, a Gouveia family member. Pauline was given the property as a wedding present when she married her husband, Jimmy Amarino. She was Kona's Postmaster for many years while she lived on the property growing beautiful orchids, antheriums and hibiscus. People still stop by to see the rare hibiscus she raised and that still grow at our farm.         

                                                               KonaDave                    Our Coffee Label with Old Ruggles     A Young Samual Ruggles in 1828

Originally sugarcane was planted on the property, but the conditions were not right for growing sugarcane. Later the Amarino's planted coffee, for which the conditions are perfect. Some of the coffee plants on our farm are from the original stock. Most of the coffee plants are over 60 years old. For many years, the coffee cherry pulp from the farms coffee mill was used as mulch. This resulted in the rich black soil that enables us to grow an abundance of produce and flowers. We are especially proud of the coffee we grow that was first rought to the island by my great, great, great uncle. Our growing it makes the circle complete. Our coffee is named in his honor, Rev. Samual Ruggles Original Kona Coffee.

We still hand pick, process, eat and give away all of our produce, including coffee, papayas, mangos, bananas, oranges, grapefruit, limes, pineapple, mac nuts and tropical flowers. When we have extra large coffee crop, we sell the cherries. If we have artists in residence, their work is on display. Artists come and go, but they leave some of their work with us to display. When in Kona, visit us and we will let you pick some of natures gifts, pull some weeds and talk story over a cup of rich Kona coffee or a cool Mai Tai in our backyard Tiki Bar. If you can't visit in person, take a look at the photos of our beautiful slice of paradise. Hope to see you soon.

Aloha KonaDave